Magnetic Billet Oil Filter Housing cap for BMW B58 Engine - Paradigm Engineering

140i 240i 340i "Zupra" B58 . 2 SERIES F20,F21,F22 3 Series 3/4 SERIES F30,F32,F33,F36 . 5 series All B58 BMW F20/F21/F22 B58 F22/F23 Auto F30/F31 (2012-2019) F30/F32/F33 B58 F32/F33/F36 (2014-2020) F87 (2016-2021) G Series M340i/M440i G01 (2018+) G02 (2019+) G05 (2019+) G06 (2020+) G20/G21 (2020+) a G30/G31 (2017+) a G42 A M340 Paradigm Engineering Supra SUPRA A90,A91
Paradigm Engineering's Upgraded BMW B58 magnetic aluminum oil filter Housing cap directly replaces the OEM plastic oil filter cap on your BMW and Toyota Supra...

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